Tuesday, April 12, 2011


A cool, and wonderful day.... very chilly actually. We wanted to go on the L'open tour bus today, but when we left the studio it was extremely hot inside, and very very cold outside....we were on the bridge going to Ille de la Cite....we turned back and went to fetch our jackets.

Notre Dame, Academy France and Des Invalides where Bonaparte's ashes is buried

We went back again - saw the Notre Dame which was extremely crowded and then got the bus in front of the Notre Dame....did the Green Route which shows the main Boulevards...and then went on the Yellow Route to see Montmartre.

Laduree and Madeleine church

Montmartre and the Sacre Coeur was as always a huge delight....and we walked around the Place de Tetre and down the "butte" - and had a cafe noisette and a lot of souvenir-watching before we went into the church.... it was beautiful..... we were not supposed to take photo's but I really didn't know and took a few before I was asked not to do so.

Sacre Coeur, we had a cafe noisette, and a performance artist

Then we wandered through Montmartre and it was a very nice surprise to find the area quiet and almost village like... we got our bus again and went back to Place de Madeleine and there went in search of a small speciality shop we wanted to buy something from - I have been there before, and after a bit of a walk through the Opera area we found it.

A musician in front of the church, the inside and the church from Montmartre Place de Tetre

Then back home and decided to go and buy things to eat from the supermarket and then back again where we had a wonderful supper ..... pumpkin soup (knorr from a box) and lovely "tradition baquette" and jambon, fromage, tomato, and avo - a healthy, hearty supper.....

Place de Tetre

Tomorrow we are going to visit a friend from South Africa who lives in St Germain-en-laye
and we will try and see Marley le Roi as well as some of the area where she lives, Vesinet, and St Germain en laye...... a bit of the city outside of the city.

Montmartre, The Moulin Rouge, and on our way back in Opera District

Almost home...

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