Thursday, April 7, 2011


Just to show my friend who gave me the shopping bag I am really using it - my nearest cafe, a beautiful flowershop in the Marais and the shop we were looking for... a very nice walk through the Marais

Paris is sunny and I am in my studio this morning sorting some things out.... slips and things till my friend who lives in France comes by for a short visit.... maybe she would like to go with me to Rue Bonaparte where there is so many galleries to see it is always nice if you have somebody with you ..... i will see or maybe she has another plan....

Today is the second time during my time here I have bought myself pain du chocolate - i don't want to get spoilt... this way it stays special for me. Yoghurt and strawberries....sounds like an idyllic breakfast.....

So a quieter day - to rest my feet some, and to get the studio in order.... another friend from South Africa is coming for a visit on Monday and I would like it to be a bit neater and cleaning needs to be done almost every day or second day but I don't mind it is quick to do and I do it without thinking of it.

I think after the first small sketch yesterday, perhaps I can try again some time today to do one.... it was so nice to do....sometimes one forgets....and so I did another one...they are not good sketches but they are a beginning....

My friend wanted to see if she could find a small speciality shop in the Marais and off we went.... after a bit of a search we found the small bric a brac shop with a lot of very interesting things.... for the house, for the kitchen etc.

Then we went to the Rue Bonaparte where I was excited to show her the gallery I found a day or two ago.... a client in South Africa were very impressed by this gallery and off I went and I was so excited about the art there.... it is the work of H. Craig Hanna and is in the Laurence Esnol Gallery - there are actually two of the same owner one in 7 Rue Bonaparte and the other at no 22 Rue Bonaparte.... so we had a good look and I was glad to see that she also liked it...

The courtyard of the Beaux arts building and the private garden where we were politely told not to go....

we also went into the Musee Beaux Arts - there are students there, but also a wonderful building with various pieces which was saved from the Revolution and a small inside garden.... it happened to be a private garden because we were very politely told in French that it was not open to the public.... luckily I did not understand, but thanked the man and added that it was indeed a beautiful garden...think maybe it softened it a bit.

Delacroix works... some of the rooms were a bit dark... so some photo's blurred a bit.

She had to go home to her children who were coming home and I went to the Delacroix museum... I have always admired his work and thought to go and it was on my way back so I went in and had a nice surprise it is a very small museum, but I liked walking through the few rooms and sat in the garden where I finished my sandwich we bought along the way to the Esnol gallery.

The garden of the Delacroix gallery

On the left a shop I also photographed a few years ago.... I think my daughter will recognize the photo and another doorway - I am fascinated by it and the garden where I love to sit behind the Notre dame is now very popular.... the trees are bright green and little seating open

And then homeward - but I promised my German friend I would have a Glace Berthillon on behalf of her we did not have time for the promised ice cream.... for 3 euro I got one ball of wonderful vanilla ice cream you could see the vanilla seeds and a nice cone..... not one of those that could have been of cardboard.... and then I ate it at the bridge which goes from Ille st Louis to the Marais district.

This is for you my dear friend in Germany

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  1. Dit lyk vir my jy geniet dit sommer baie!