Friday, April 22, 2011


A procession of the Roman Catholic Church it is after all Good Friday.... although Paris is just going on with its daily business...with Pantheon in the back - Pont Marie in the middle (the most romantic bridge in Paris) and on the right, Berthillon - known for their glace/ice cream - there are a few outlets on the Ille st Louis but there are always a line of people waiting

The day was sunny and WARM - a bit too warm for me today I am a bit out of sorts....perhaps my way of knowing that I will miss Paris...... I went to the Institut du Monde Arabe - the building is truly amazing. The windows has an iris which closes and opens as the light gets more or less....truly an amazing concept.

The windows of the building left.... the iris is closed and in middle it is open and then on the right the building from a distance...

Whilst I was there I also viewed the permanent collection and also went up to the terrace where there are restaurants but also a lookout over the city from behind the Notre Dame...Pont de Tournelle is the nearest bridge.

The Notre Dame from the Terrace of the building and the examples of work from the exhibition - from a catalogue - no photos are allowed

Coming back I decided to go to the Marais to Rue Veille du Temple and get a baquette for lunch at the boulangerie.... E my Finnish friend reckons this is the best boulangerie in the area - for bread and tarts...she is a source of a lot of wonderful information to me.

Left Marais district overrun with tourists.... middle the vintage shop - and the street going to Rue de Roziers (the old Jewish part of Marais)

It seems to me that the Europeans are much more open to other influences, other ideas - and sometimes I have to talk to myself and go and go and see something different from what I would usually do.... and I always thought that I was open to other ideas and ways of doing things....makes you think......

They know what they want, what they want to eat - drink, etc...they don't eat inferior things...would rather have less and enjoy more.... should we not take some of this and make it our own...? Do we not concentrate too little on the "experience" and too much on what we have?

I could not take photo's at the Institute but they gave me a brochure.... I will try and photograph some of the items on display from there...... truly amazing, the patterns, the rich colours and craftmanship.

Around 10 at night the view left towards the Seine and right towards the Boulangerie and St Paul Metro station and the supermarkets G20 and Franprix

I am trying to sort things out in the studio.... - I have decided to take a bus or two tomorrow.... I have a metro ticket for every day - did not use it today so tomorrow I can go for a busride - just for the fun...........

An alley with a lovely small restaurant....always looks nice to be there....and the local "bums" who hangs out at the Franprix corner at St Paul Metro station.....

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  1. You stay so long there... your journal is very good, it's really like living in Paris like the locals. That's so cool!

    Frau Bloggerin