Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Our friend who has been living in France for 2 years.... the flower seller on the market and a wonderful little car on the street where we walked

Day Forty.... and what a day! We went to our friend in St Germain-en-laye - and she took us to Marley le Roi - the hunting lodge of Louis xiv.... before the revolution ..... the park was amazing... and then we also went to the little town next to it....

Marley le Roi - hunting lodge / area of Louis xiv

The Chateau was torn to the ground at the time of the Revolution, but the "Marley Horses" which is amazing marble horse statues can be seen in the Richelieu wing of the Louvre under the glass roof.... Copies of these horses are in the Champs Elysees in Paris.

Above - Marley le Roi the village

Our friend packed a picnic and we had that at Versailles in the gardens.... and how amazing a venue - magestic, huge and cliche so true.

Carrying the picnic basket and the view at the top of the stairs at the Chateau Versailles and the mass of flowers at the top

On the left the flowers at the top of the stairs at the Chateau - on the right the wonderful picnic she brought for us to have on little steps at the pond at the bottom of the garden.... we had a wonderful time and it was the cold that drove us away.

- a wonderful afternoon of 3 South African friends - in Paris. We also had a walk through Vesinet, a small suburb of Paris near to where our friend lives and then had supper with our friend and her family.

A very late ride back home with the RER and the Metro..... we could not believe the amount of people on the train at that time of the night.

Tomorrow we are going to Giverney.... I have been looking forward to seeing it one day since 2005....!

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