Thursday, April 14, 2011


The Metro - Pont Marie and the Opera Metro with music early morning and then on Auber - to get a RER train

Another chilly but lovely day in Paris. No blue skies this morning, but when we drove out to Giverney where the Monet house and garden is, it was sunny but not warm.

Every corner a more beautiful view

Our friend who lives just outside Paris took us there - we really appreciated it and afterwards we walked around a bit in the little town and had a baquette and a coffee at a "pizza place" - not very grand, but we were hungry and thirsty and we had good company. Our friend's daughter went with us on the outing and we really enjoyed each other's company.

The Monet gardens were amazing.... I am so glad we could see it. I have always thought that Monet is an amazing artist and after I have seen the gardens I could now better understand those very special works. The garden had so many beautiful pictures locked inside them..... they were not as huge as I thought they would be, but so very special.... there are 90 gardeners working in them, and they are beautifully kept.... the flowers are 90% true to the ones planted when Monet was living there, and the one gardener we asked and he said that there are new varieties of the plants, but mostly the same plants and the same layout than in the time of Monet.....

We also drove around in the countryside and saw lovely small towns in the area.

Came home quite late and still wanted to go and have a glass of wine at the Seine, but when my Finnish friend let me know she was a bit too tired tonight, we thought to rather go on Saturday night when we will be going on a boat trip.... so tomorrow we will go to the EIFFEL and musee de Rodin and Senellier, and St Chaippelle.....

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