Sunday, April 24, 2011


Wow, never thought this day would come.... 51 days. I love the market at Bastille and today it was the last opportunity for me to go there.... it was as always a treat to listen to the different vendors telling everybody their products are better and cheaper.....

Left on my way back from market to St Paul and in the middle a gallery at Place des Vosges and on the right an advertisement for an exhibition - Jeanne this could have been one of your muses!

The amount of colours and products and things for sale are astounding.... and always cheaper than you would find in the shops around paris.

But, from there I wanted to see if I could get a busroute to Musee Branley which I tried to visit in the beginning of my sojourn, but could not, because they open so late in the morning.

So, although I looked, the no 72 line Hotel de Ville was still the best option to L'ina, but I was daydreaming and missed the stop, so I had to pay an extra ticket because I had to return there, but no problem, I wanted to finish my tickets no use taking them home.

The bus no 72 and people sunbathing on the edge of the Seine and the bridge after the Eiffel.... across from Musee Branley

The museum was a huge surprise. I really was astonished at the huge selection they have of artifacts and other things of the various continents they address. There is also a Christian Lacroix fabric/textile exhibition.

The front of the Building and the back and then when you are walking to the exhibition area, the installation art is called "River" - it is amazing....

An impressive museum which I think a lot of people miss and with lots of valuable information and artifacts.... a pity they have so very little of south africa...perhaps I am biased? (obviously I am)

Then I took the bus back home..... almost 6 hours after I left this morning..... I carried my heavy backpack with things I bought at the market the whole day and was tired, and warm..... when I passed Hotel d' Ville, I saw the Ben and Jerry shop - have seen it since I came and thought I would have a scoop of ice cream... my 3rd one in the 2 months.... so it was a "white chocolate" version..... and it was very good .....

Hotel d' Ville the townhall on the left and on the right, Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream
have seen it the 2nd day I arrived here, and my daughter said they had excellent icecream so todayI had one

This evening I started worrying if my suitcase would take all the things that had to go I started to pack..... I think I will make it work...... - so for the next 2 days I need not worry about that..... I can gently say goodbye to this amazing city ----- tomorrow most musee are closed and its a public holiday.... I think I will try and spend some of it in a park or just walking - perhaps go to the Luxemborg gardens and walk in St Germain.....

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