Sunday, April 17, 2011


M had her birthday today and early morning we only had a small yoghurt and then went off to the market at Bastille.....

The market - at Bastille

walked back through Place des favourite garden where I go and sit and read or just to see people....

Place des Voges on the left and an old car and then the Marais neighbourhood

A gallery on our way back

there we found various treasures and then came back to unpack them and then off to Rue de Rivoli to find Angelina's the very popular hot chocolate and patisserie emporium....

The Birthday "spread" - a chocolate tartlette and chocolate chaud d' anciene africain

It was really great.... we were sweet up to our necks but we decided we would do this for both of our birthdays....mine in February and hers today. And then we walked through the Tulleries gardens up to the Champs Elyssees and went to a few stores where she wanted to see some things and get one or two items.

It was extremely full on the Champs Elyssees and we had to dodge people as we walked....both of us got very tired doing that.... if you come from Africa it is not often that you have so many people in one place....we have space there.

Left the Champs Elyssees on a Sunday afternoon - and my friend in the middle of the Champs Elyssees with Arc d' Triomph in the back

We saw the Arc d' Triomph and then wanted to take a bus but could not find one and eventually took the METRO back to St Paul....

And now we should pack our bags for tomorrow when we have to be on the trainstation very early to get the TGV to Reims - in the Champagne visit a friend of my friend who married and is staying in a small town there.

I am very excited to go tomorrow but also a bit sad, because now it is only 10 days till when I leave Paris..... I am VERY EXCITED to see my family, but SAD to leave Paris.....but lots of good things can come from this experience...... I just have to concentrate and get going.....

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  1. Vandag kan jy en Madelein die Tiomfboog sien as 'n triomfboog van hoe wonderlik dit is om te lewe - en dan kon jul nog hot chocolate ook drink!Geniet die trein môre en kyk vinnig wat jul ook al wil sien. U