Friday, April 15, 2011


A wonderful day - nice weather - and when we got up we went with the Metro to Invalide Metro station and then went to the Musee de Rodin.....

and then after that amazing museum we walked to the Eiffel - and entered the "eiffel grounds" through the Champ de Mars....and waited in line and went up to the top...... and stood in line for around 3 hours.

Our feet were killing us after the long lines.... and we walked a bit from the eiffel but then we took a bus for the last bit till Magazin Sennelier..... my friend bought some oil paints for her husband, but again the service was appauling.... it is really such a pity. It makes you feel you don't want to buy anything there again.... - but the product is very good.

Then it was off again in the bus to Hotel d'Ville where we wanted to go to BHV for lunch/supper, but they were closed - no more food so we had Mcdonalds.

And then we went to the Louvre.... and my friend enjoyed it tremendously.... I did not expect her to and it was really nice to see it through her eyes again.... and we also saw some things I haven't seen before at the Louvre.

After the Louvre we were extremely tired, drained I think and went off to the busstop....tonight we were not going to walk home, tonight we took the bus.........

Tomorrow we are doing a market, walk in the Marais, and also, do some shopping in Galleries Lafayette.... and in the evening we will have a picnic at the waters edge at Pont Neuf... and then go on the boat on the Seine.....

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