Monday, April 11, 2011


The Carousel at the Louvre...Napoleon's Arc and the view down the Tuilleries Gardens and the Laduree cookies...we had to take a photo of them...too beautiful

And then we bought 2 macaroons.... at Laduree....especially because our friend in South Africa said the ones from Laduree is very special.....just for you my friend!

Champs Elyssees and the Zephora perfume shop

Sunny weather.... the weather is going to change according to all the things I read.....but we will enjoy while it is still so beautiful today.

I am doing the things one should do when you have a guest... made her bed - put out the garbage clean the floor, the bathroom,

I am excited - somebody from home will be visiting me.... to share the walks and to share the amazing city.....I will talk in my own language.... - I catch myself dreaming in is just not the same.....

My friend had no problem coming to Paris and we left her things - bought some food and had a wonderful lunch and then went walking off through the Tuilleries and up to the Champs Elyssees - and back - and bought a macaroon for each of us for energy to get home.....

A friend told me to get it at Laduree....they were nice, very nice, but the lady who sold us the 2 macaroons...... were so surprised - but sold it to us with a huge smile..... usually people buy one of each flavour....not only two.

Tomorrow we are off to see Paris on the Open Tour Bus..... and see the Sacre Coeur and Notre dame.... and maybe have a glass of something at the evening at the Seine....we will see how much energy we have....

Paris etonnant!

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