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Left the first turn to the left the market and to the right the view you have here, the supermarkets and the metro....all the motorbikes in front of the boulangerie Petit Versailles and the market stall with scarves in the middle and lots of tourists and cycles on the road....

I have been in Paris for 50 days. It is and has been a true blessing. I have learnt so much - seen so much, heard a lot and travelled a bit.... but most of all I once again know who I am.... and what I want from LIVE...... and what I would like to do with my art.

The area above Rue de Rivoli and a shop window....too beautiful to miss

This morning and afternoon it was sunny and warm and I went for a 2 hour walk - went through the Saturday market in front of the MARIE , searched for Square du Temple in Rue de Temple, which I read about in my DK Eyewitness Paris book....and which I realised I passed one day when I got very very lost... somewhere in the beginning of my stay.

The notice board at Square du Temple and the park in the middle and then a "real" fromagerie on my way in Rue de Bretagne the one in St Paul near me is so small you can miss it if you sidestep another person, but this one is a fullfledged shop

DK PARIS says about Square du Temple: A quiet and pleasant square today, this was once a fortified centre of the medieval Knights Templars. A state within a state, the area contained a palace, a church and shops behind high walls and a drawbridge, making it a haven for those who were seeking to escape from royal jurisdiction. Louis xvi and Marie Antoinette were held here after their arrest in 1792 - the king left from here for his execution on the guillotine.

Then via the Marche de Enfant Rouge and then to Hotel d' Sully which borders on Place des Vosges my favourite local park.... - sat and read there for a while, but the pigeons were so noisy and it was hot....

Inside the Hotel Sully.... a beautiful old house which borders on Place des Vosges

According to the DK Paris : It is a 17th Century old house which was built for a notorious gambler in 1624, Petit Thomas, who lost his whole fortune in one night. The Duc de Sully, Henri iv, chief minister, purchased the house in 1634 and added some of the interior decoration etc. Today it is the head office of the Centre des Monuments Nationaux.

Left an artist selling her paintings - they were actually very nice and the middle musicians playing on the corridors of Place des Vosges and the Park of Place des Vosges which stole my heart....

I came home and rest a bit and then onwards for another walk..... to the 6th Arondissemont, Rue du Bac Area....

Left, Pont Marie, then a street musician, and the busy little road on Ille st Louis and then the coffee shop where my husband and I had a coffee before we went away from Paris the very first time we came here..... Cafe St Andre

Gopnick writer of "Paris to the Moon" mentions that if you take Rue de Seine it ends in a tiny passerole which goes to the front of the French Academy at the Pont des Arts I think I got it, I thought it would be a long corridor, but this was all there was......when I got on the bridge it started to rain heavy the 4 o'clock rain we get in Pretoria....only this was around 5.

Left bank....very busy Rue st Andre and the Rue Bac crossing, and the small entrance from Rue de Seine and then the French Academy from the front side

I decided to turn back home..... the tourists and Parisians does not like the rain they hide away and run to the busstop but I enjoyed it tremendously.

It rained huge drops and everybody was hiding from it.....

Tomorrow shops are closed and also on Monday - so I will get some baquette at the market if there is one at Bastille or Rue Veille du Temple boulangerie and then have something for Monday as well.

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