Wednesday, April 20, 2011


A sunny day in Paris.... I have to make the appointment for the Cite to come and check my inventory today.... it seems so final. - It is.

(The inventory check is Tuesday.... at 16h30 - 17h00)

The amazing stairs.... I had to ask permission to take the photos - could not leave before I did.

Today I am on my way to the Grand Palais - where there is an exhibition which I still want to see and then I will try and see the Orangerie again.... it always has a calming effect on me - I feel like I am saying goodbye to the city all the time.... there is still 6 days left would like to make the most of it......and I tried......

Nature et ideal - le paysage a Rome 1600 - 1650

Went to the Grand Palais for an exhibition my friend told me about, but then somehow saw a different one, which I also enjoyed.... somewhat different but I will look the other name up on the Internet and view it that way - I went with the Metro to Champs Elyssees Clemencau and then I walked to the Orangerie which is in the top end of the Tuilleries gardens.

M - these photo's are for you....Pont de Alexander - you wanted to walk there still....

The Orangerie, inside and then outside in the Tuilleries Gardens

and from there onwards to the knife shop in Rue Petit Champs.... - and found it again.

The place in Rue Rivoli where Leon Tolstoi the writer lived

From there I just wanted to get home - it was hot, busy with lots of tourists and the studio was like an oasis - home. The drumming gets a bit much every now and again, but then again it is also a form of art, and who am I to say they are making a huge noise.

Just after 4 I went to the Marais where I saw a shop selling something silly I want to take my daughters so off I went in search of it.... and again found it.... so proud that I can walk here without a map and find things I am looking for .... it wasn't like that in the beginning...I was actually lost at first.

Now I am waiting to go to an open studio - with E and her Finnish friends.

I will put up the photo's a bit later....there isn't so many today because I wasn't allowed at the exhibition to take any.... the most expensive exhibition I went to in the past two months.... but then again, I am here now, I should appreciate.....

Left a small alley near Rue Honore and the shop which sells knives in Rue de Petit Champ and on the right Hotel d' Ville very near to the Cite where I live

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  1. Yes, they don't allow photos too at the Musee d'Orsay... they have the Manet's collection now and the interior I wanted to takephotos but not allowed... :(

    Sometimes it's also good, because its more quiet. In Louvre, I did not like it when there were flash all over the place although it was not allowed...:(

    It sounds like you are leaving Paris? Funny about that stairs... you succeeded in taking the photos! Great!

    Frau Bloggerin